Personal Philosophy on Online Learning

Teaching and learning  is a never-ending challenge, a life-long process that begins the day we are born until the day we depart this earth. Learning involves the knowledge that is gained from any type of interaction, observation, experiment or realization. Whether the learning or outcome be a good or bad experience, because it happened, we learned from it. Learning involves accepting, questioning, delving into more depths of knowledge than we think we can handle.

Teaching is a process, a passion that one must have to want to create and mold a learner into a productive human being that can face the world with a mighty stance. Teaching begins with the heart and involves the head. Teaching is a life-long process as well. Each day as we explain how to do something, we are teaching, sharing our knowledge, our opinions with someone else in hopes that we will enlighten them with some new concept or dream.

I have to believe in what I do each and every day, that I make a difference in my students’ lives. This gives me the joy and satisfaction to create and design a lesson or activity that will engage them, challenge them, mold them into young adults who are able to function on their own.  Teaching is showing students how to adapt to all situations, to be able to handle the real world, giving them the knowledge to make decisions on their own, to explore and conquer their fears and inhibitions, teaching is a way of life for those willing to accept the challenge of being a real world teacher. The more I learn, the more I can teach my students; the more opportunities I have to make a difference in the lives of my students.


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