Creative Works

CECS 6320-Creating Technology-Based Learning Environments

Introduction to Photoshop
Created an online course using Canvas Learning Management System with two other team members. To view the course, enter your UNT email address; second author.

CECS 5210 – Instructional Design Systems I

Project A-Introduction to iWorks Pages Application
For the first project,  an instructional lesson was designed using QuickTime audio and screen capture to teach instructors and/or students how to use the Pages Software using a Macintosh computer; first author

Project B-Edmodo Student and Teacher Training
The second project includes two slideshow presentations with instructions for students and for teachers on setting up and using the Edmodo online collaboration tools. The presentations are saved in pdf format for faster review time; first author.

CECS 6210 – Theory of Media Systems

Edmodo Video Project
With a partner, a video was created incorporating iMovie, video camera captures, digital images, screen captures, audio, and video clips from the Edmodo official web site (used with permission), to create a promotional video of the online collaboration tool; first author.

CECS 5100 – Multimedia in Technology Applications

HyperStudio Research Instrument Project
With a partner, graphics were researched to be used in a survey instrument being developed by Dr. Tandra Tyler-Wood using HyperStudio. The graphics were placed in stacks within the program.  Cards were designed and text entered to create a survey instrument for research purposes with students on their interpretations of engineers, scientists and teachers for a STEM research study; second author.



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